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Making the Simple Profound

and the Profound Simple...

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Tim Franklin
of A-Way Therapy

A Synergistic Approach to Positive Health, Transformation, Inner Wisdom & Healing

A-Way Therapy incorporates a number of highly specialised and recognised healing approaches into an elegant, adaptable and versatile Body Mind Therapy for healing self and others.

Last A-Way weekend has been transformational once again. There is this indescribable feeling that arises whilst working with A-way or receiving an A-way session and that just feels so good!

Working as a Physiotherapist was already very satisfying to me. Now, A-way is the miracle juice that pieces everything together, for an enhanced experience for the client and myself.

I enjoy the simple and profound approach that Tim provides whilst learning A-way. Besides the freedom and principles which Tim offers there is also an easy to follow structure available to work with and move from with confidence. 

I would like to recommend A-way to all people who are already working as a Healthcare Professional, in Alternative/Complementary Healthcare or if you are interested to help yourself and others with having a healthier and happier life.