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A Synergistic Approach to

Inner Wisdom & Healing

A-Way Therapy incorporates a number of highly specialised and recognised healing approaches into an elegant, adaptable, versatile and unique Body Mind Therapy.

Tim A-Way Therapy explaining about spine and back pain

What is A-Way?

A-Way Therapy combines Yoga Therapy, Qigong, Qigong Therapy and Breath Work, and includes many specific touch principles that engage the skeletal system, the soft tissues as well as energetic pathways and connections.

A-Way Therapy releasing neck and spine

Adaptable Approach

As Tim explored the potential of a synergistic approach to health support. A-Way Therapy is a multi faceted, adaptable approach to working with clients, on all levels of Body/Mind/Energy/Spirit.

Tim profile A-Way Therapy

Key to Health

A-Way Therapy practitioners learn a number of key integrative components to health: how energy is related to the skeletal system. Internal circulation of Qi, Yoga and the smooth functioning of and alignment of Body/Mind/Spirit/Energy.

What is an A-Way Session Like?

The first part of the session is normally done standing. The A-Way therapist assesses the clients structural and energetic integrity. The alignment, places of structural and/or energetic compromise or restriction, weight distribution, ease of movement, breath patterns and places of held tensions and blockages will all be taken into consideration. The practitioner synergistic way of working, includes moving the client in particular ways to help with the release of tensions, along with the toning up of areas of deficiencies.  The sense of equilibrium that’s created in this standing part of the session enables the client to deeply embody the experience of “upright-ing”. Clients begin to have a deep kinaesthetic experience of upright ease.

The next part of the session involves the client lying supine on the massage table. How the session continues depends on the energetic, structural and emotional needs of each clients. For example; the focus might be on a deeply nourishing bodywork session, it might focus on a particular physical area, or focus on an emotional issue. The work respects the changing energetic, structural and emotional needs of each client.

Clients will often be encouraged to do Zen Yoga and/or Qigong for support.

The client remains fully clothed through the session.

The specific quality of therapeutic touch used in A-Way Therapy is deeply respectful. It is purposefully engaging and supports clients in a way that they feel comfortable and safe. The skilled touch allows for clients to drift off into deep states of relaxation. It is in these deep states that we are able to let go of old habitual physical and emotional patterns.

The benefits range from deep relaxation and letting go, to profound psychosomatic breakthroughs.