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A-Way Therapy

Learn to experience an A-Way state of being for a restful mind
nourished spirit presence and stability

Learn how to generate energy flow for self and cultivate energy for healing

Awaken your own internal wisdom for a healthier and happier life

What is A-Way?

A-Way is a synergistic approach to Inner Wisdom and Healing, using Zen Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Qigong, Qigong Therapy and Breath Work, and includes many specific touch principles that engage the skeletal system, the soft tissues, organs as well as energetic pathways and connections.

A-Way is a perfect compliment to your existing therapy as well an ideal place to begin entering the world of healing.

Founder - Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin is an international Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan and Qigong master, yoga teacher, therapist, personal coach, energy medicine practitioner, healer and consultant, speaker and author.

As the founder of A-Way Therapy and educator of universal approaches to health, wellbeing and success, he is driven by the belief and experience that each of us already hold the matrix and inner wisdom to move beyond limiting factors and excel in anything we do.

Over the last 20 years he has taught courses, workshops and classes, as well as working with individuals to overcome unhelpful habits, conditioning and blockages to release illness and pain, and improve mental clarity stamina and sustain the energy, enjoyment and resilience required to get the best out of life and work.

His simple, relaxed, focused and passionate approach has enabled people from all walks of life to experience the joys of being in the driving seat of their physical, mental and emotional health, comfort and success.

As a practitioner of the methods he teaches, Tim continues to research, learn and redefine the best and most simple methods available to provide everyday, noticeable results and finds thought-provoking ways to pass them on in a tangible, grounded and absorbing style.

Appreciating that there is no ‘single’ approach to wellbeing, Tim started to explore and share skills, knowledge, growing edges and excitements as he worked on clients. There was a wonderful energy about the exploration, a tangible ease that naturally progressed into the synergistic bodywork therapy, A-Way. The sharing and excitement continues as he constantly explores his passion, Energy, Touch and Healing.

A-Way sessions are designed to support each client according to their

energetic, physical and emotional needs.

Tim explaining about uprighting - A-Way Therapy

What you’ll learn

One of the primary learnings of A-Way is how we can be present in the world, without carrying the baggage of unnecessary physical and emotional tensions.

An integral part of learning A-Way Therapy is the learning of Zen Yoga and Qigong (the skill of using energy), Zen Yoga Therapy and Qigong Therapy. 

With the embodied experience of Zen Yoga Therapy and Qigong students will learn the foundations of A-Way.

A-Way Therapy includes:

Observational skills of a persons energy and physicality.

How to see/feel common habitual physical, emotional patterns, and learn about the ramifications of these "default" patterns.

Touch assessments; Purposeful Touch, Purposeful Connection, Meaningful Touch, Meaningful Connection, Energetic Touch, Energetic Connection, as well as Fields of Resonance.

How to engage areas of tensions and deficiencies of specific joints, including the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, as well as the pelvic and shoulder girdles, muscles and ligaments.

Breath Work and the relationship our breathing patterns have on our overall wellbeing.

Explore the benefits of working with deep states of relaxation and dream states.

How to work skilfully and consciously with your own energy and the energy and physicality of your client.

Learn how to give an A-Way session to help clients release old body/mind patterns and to introduce clearer ways of being.

“Our breath underpins everything we do, everything that we are.
If you want to change the ‘You’, change the breath

Clients report feeling more integrate, clearer, with less tensions and more able to cope with life's challenges. Students learn to feel and see physical and energetic imbalances and learn how to support and facilitate change.

A-Way is more than just learning a new therapy/approach

Learn a Zen Yoga sequence for a quiet easeful mind and body

Discover new ways of being in the world

Tools for everyday life         Develop your unique healing potential

                      be more skilful with your own physicality and energy

Learn techniques to quiet down the mind and become more present

Expect to be moved

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